Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Love the Smell of Ozone in the Morning

The sweet, pungent aroma tickles my nose as I walk outside. The sunrise is pink and orange bringing to mind an image of carnival cotton candy. Swirling colors of spun goodness. The senses together form a sugary taste in my mouth, both honeyed and pleasing. It is monsoon weather here in the higher elevations of New Mexico. Down at sea level, in the Houston area we call this phenomenon hurricane season. Both areas flood, get tremendous thunderstorms and down pours, but the names bring very different connotations to mind. A monsoon sounds more deliberate, continual, natural. Whereas hurricanes seem punctuated, dangerous and spontaneous. Of course I know the truth, but watching the rain approach over the Sandia's just feels different up here in the clouds. At home in Texas the rain feels more forceful and ominous. 'Turn around and don't drown' the mantra on the weather channel in both locations, is a gentle reminder that Mother Nature has a voice and she spills over. We need to watch out for the after-effects. Simply soaking it in on a tranquil hillside, I am both safe and content.

Afternoon, sunny, warm and dry. It seems brighter here. The clouds move faster, they are awesome to watch. Remember as a child when you would lie on the grass and just watch the clouds make shapes and designs across the sky? Sometimes they would stay a certain shape for minutes as the white puffs floated, calmly across the blue. Here they change frequently and it is fun to anticipate what they are going to change into. I can sit on the back patio, facing the mountains or turn to face the city and just imagine, dream, meditate for hours. Each moment bringing clarity and focus. It is a beautiful, quiet place to reflect. I will miss it when I go home next week. The sweetness lingers in at about 4:00 every day signalling the onset of a storm or squall. I plan on being outside at 4:00 to smell the oncoming summer rain. To feel the winds pick up and watch the clouds roll in. Smell the sharp, tangy smell of ozone in my nostrils. Monsoons are cool.

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