Updates and Completion: 365 Days of Blogs

Today is my 365th day in a row of writing my blog. A full year. But I looked back over all the entries and about 13 of them never posted for some reason. They were saved as drafts, but never posted. So I just went back through my long expanse of writing and updated all the posts, sent the drafts through and now, at 365 posts I feel a sense of relief. Accomplishment. I am so thrilled to be at my destination #blog365 but the destination is merely a connection point to my new adventure: writing and discussing my classroom and how I solve problems and grow with my students. Nothing has changed-only the timing has caused me pause. July 27th, 2016 I began this journey and shortly thereafter I joined the Twitter universe. Both have changed my life. Have made me more observant and collaborative. Broken me out of my shell. I am grateful for everyone who has shaped me over this last year, my PLN and colleagues. My family and friends.

A new beginning....closure on a goal and the opening of so many more doors all leading to insight, growth and joy.

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